Welcome Blog…

Welcome to the Stage Beyond Blog. As you may have seen we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes in order to keep you all updated on all things creative and fun here in our theatre company. We now have fully active; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts where you may feel free to contact our team at any point and we will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible! 

For those of you who are new to Stage Beyond, here’s a little synopsis. We are a Theatre Company for adults with learning disabilities who work in the centre of Derry/Londonderry within the Millennium Forum. We offer weekly classes that incorporate; Drama, Dance and Music, and actively engage with our members in order to further develop and nurture their creative skills. In our location we have the unique opportunity to access the very latest in theatre space and equipment. Our facilitator’s come from very experienced backgrounds in each of their fields and they have a true passion and clear vocation for working within the arts. 

So what has been happening up until now? 

Well, we had been working really hard on our adaptation of the famous play; Hamlet written by none other than William Shakespeare entitled “Hamlet, Prince Of Derry”. This was due to go on tour around some of the most prestigious theatre venues in the region however due to the recent pandemic we were unable to do so and therefore took on the task of rerouting our plans and adapting our production into a radio play where RTE1 happily aired it. 

Rehearsal Time…

We are so very proud of our entire team. The adaptation was received wonderfully and we have since been hailed and praised for our ability to shift our course of plan in an eloquent and timely manner in true theatre mindset that “The Show Must Go On”. We absolutely loved this performance piece and everyone from the committee, cast and crew had such a fun time working together on it.

We have just recently won the Achates Philanthropy Award 2020 for National Showcase. Being in the company of so many fantastic organisations throughout Northern Ireland, we were thrilled to accept this honour on behalf of the region. It really is a huge compliment to our staff, members and a testament to all of the great work that you all do. 

For now, we are fast approaching the festive season, and although the country is in the midst of a pandemic and strict lockdown measures have been put in place, it is extremely important that we continue on with plans to work online where we have our classes weekly via Zoom and Rooms. These sessions mean the world to both our facilitators and members. The social aspect is hugely important for us all and not to mention the fact that it allows us to still bring to everyone at home some cheerful, festive and fun pieces to watch. 

Our team are currently working on pieces such as; “Christmas On The Stage Beyond Tree” which will be a five part sequence of clips, filmed for viewers at home. It brings together a great collection of, talent, wit, humour and cheer so be sure to watch along. 

We hope to be brining you all plenty of updates and a lot of fun and creativity over here on the blog as the months go on so be sure to watch out for it. 

Have A Great Day Everyone

Stage Beyond x