“The Show Must Go On”

In true theatre form, we are are adhering to the principle rule…”The Show Must Go On”. Around this time everyone will be wondering; what exactly IS Christmas on the Stage Beyond Tree. Luckily for everyone, we don’t have too long to wait!

Stage Beyond are teaming up with the Film Club and Centre Stage Acting Academy to bring us a five part docu-style production on Christmas week. A Huge thank you to A4 Creative who are working alongside Director Jean Dunn to combine the piece and bring it to life in a really fun and creative style that’s we think everyone is going to love.

“With this years offering being delivered to an online audience wefelt it was the perfect chance to delve into the unknown, inanimate objects and Christmas decorations on “the stage beyond tree” creating the characters and telling their story, seeing a glimpse of their lives as they are “Discovery Channel Style”. Utilising the skills from the fantastic A4 creative we are delighted to bring you 5 festive episodes staring our very own stage beyond theatre company, outreach film club and talented young actors from “centre stage acting academy.

It’s been a completely new way of working for us at stage beyond, the actors have not only adapted well to the changes of our online workshops but excelled in their creative thought process when it comes to the stage and performance”.

Jean dunn
Director “Christmas On The Stage Beyond Tree”.

Watch the Christmas tree come to life and share with us a sequence of eventful laughter, emotion, and sass all in excellent proportion. Keep an eye on our social media for more behind the scenes prep and antics from amazing cast.

The Christmas Countdown Is On!